Mr Ram Bhej

The Man, the Myth and the Legend of the Karan and Bhej Clan


From the serene mountains of Toge, Ba, Fiji hails our hero. Our Dad, a jovial friend, a deal maker, a loving and caring husband. He was the 4th born out of 11 children.

Ram spent the first 55 years of his life as a very successful farmer, growing sugarcane, tobacco and vegetables but mostly chilies for the local and export markets.

Our hero has spent the last 27 years of his life in America and made his new home with many friends and family.

Ram and his amazing wife- Vidotama, our mum raised 4 enterprising children and 8 grandchildren in action with 1 great grand daughter.

Our father was a social being and this is evident today with all of his children and grandchildren exuding his same friendly personality. He was always ready to help at a drop  of a hat under any circumstances. A fun filled life on his own terms was his mode of operation.

We all loved hanging with him.

Our legend has kept the entire clan united with his demeanour, he took no prisoners and stated the narrative as he saw it.

Husband, Dad, Aja, Nana,  Grand Aja, Mama, Fufa, Dada, Kaka and friend, you embraced every relationship wholeheartedly.

We love you and we will miss you- you have filled our memory bank with delightful memories and much laughter; and our hearts are warm with your everlasting love to last a lifetime.

Farewell to our one and only – our beloved Mr Ram Bhej

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